Car Won’t Start No Noise – Quick Solution [100% FIX!]

When your car won’t start and makes no noise at all, it is a terrible circumstance. Consider what’s causing this issue, though, before submitting yourself to fate. Although they are complex machinery, cars actually operate on rather basic principles. You may be capable of handling it.

Don’t worry; in this article, we’ll cover a top possible causes of your car’s starting problems as well as solutions. I’ll also offer some advice on how to resolve the problem. For more details, continue reading!

When you turn the ignition switch, are there any sounds? Does it click or no sound at all? Does it produce any other odd noises, too?


  • A dead battery could be the cause of the issue if you don’t hear clicking when you start the engine.
  • The starter motor’s pinion is completely inactive when you hear nothing at all, not even a clicking noise.
  • The starter may not be receiving enough electricity if you hear clicking but the engine won’t start.
  • Also to note that all electric vehicles and certain hybrid vehicles are noiseless when they first start.

It could be the starter relay or starter solenoid if there is no sound when the key is turned but the lights and accessories function. It’s most likely your battery, though, if there is absolutely no sound at all, not even a click.

What you shall discover in this post?

In less than 5 minutes, this article will provide comprehensive understanding of everything you should look for when Car Won’t Start makes No Noise. We are confident that after reading it, you won’t need to seek for any other info.  Let’s find out, then!

Car Won't Start No Noise
Car Won’t Start No Noise

How Do you Define And Address The Starting Issue?

The electrical system or ignition must contain the issue in some way.

Car battery (and, when the engine is running, the alternator).
The key and ignition switch.
Switches, terminals, connections, fuses, and wiring.
Software and the ECU.

One of them is probably certainly the underlying factor. Get a multimeter and a multifunctional car battery tester if you want to perform some of the diagnosis work yourself. These are essential for identifying electrical problems, which is likely the case if your automobile won’t start at all and makes no noise.

For most professions, you can also require professional assistance. But if you do it safely, replacing a basic battery is not difficult.

Keep in mind that electrical systems, especially those found on hybrid and electric vehicles, can be dangerous. When in doubt, it’s preferable to err on the side of caution and have your automobile serviced by a qualified professional.

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Why your Car Won’t Start and No Noise?

A faulty battery.

The battery dying is one of the most frequent causes of a car not starting. The battery in your automobile might not have enough juice to start the engine if it has been resting for a time. Try using a different vehicle to jump start the automobile. The battery may need to be changed if that doesn’t work.

An improper ignition switch.

A broken ignition switch is another typical cause of a car not starting. Turning the key may not start the engine if the switch is broken. See whether the problem is resolved by twisting the key in various directions. If not, you might have to get a new ignition switch.

A damaged starter.

A damaged starter may potentially be to blame for your automobile not starting. When you turn the key to start the engine, the starter is the component that rotates. Your car won’t start as it should if something isn’t functioning correctly. Before you start working on your car, try replacing this component.

A dirty fuel filter.

Your automobile might not be starting if the gasoline filter is clogged. Before gasoline reaches the engine, the fuel filter is in charge of cleaning it of debris. The car may not be able to start if this portion is clogged. See if changing the fuel filter resolves the problem.

A defective fuel pump

A malfunctioning fuel pump may possibly be the cause of your automobile not starting. Gasoline from the fuel tank is delivered to the engine by the fuel pump. Your car may not start as expected if this component is clogged or no longer functions properly. Before you start working on your car, try replacing this component.

How Do I Fix a Car That Won’t Start and no clicking noise?

Try these methods if you’re having problems getting your automobile to start:

Evaluate the battery. Your starter can be completely dead or have little power, which prevents your car from starting. Make sure there are at least 12 volts flowing through the system by testing it with a voltmeter, and replace it if necessary.

Check the engine oil level; it should be in the range between the dipstick’s minimum and maximum markers. If not, increase the oil.

Take your automobile to a professional for a more thorough examination if it’s still having difficulties starting.

A Video Guide on Car won’t start No noise

Car won’t start No noise, but the lights are on.

Anything from a dead battery to a damaged starter could be the cause of this. It’s recommended to take your automobile to a mechanic to have them have a look at it if it won’t start at all.

It’s likely that the battery is dead if your car won’t start, makes no noises, yet the lights are on. See if your headlights come on by trying to turn them on. Your battery is usually in good shape if they do.

The starter is more likely to be broken if your automobile won’t start, makes no sound, but the lights function. Your automobile won’t start if the starter isn’t functioning because it kicks the engine into gear.

Car won’t start, but the radio is functional.

The dead battery is the most likely cause of the issue. If so, you might try to jump-start the vehicle or change the battery. However, if the vehicle has additional issues, such a damaged starter motor, those issues must also be rectified.

Some vehicles feature an immobilizer system that makes it impossible for them to start without a key in the ignition or another means of confirming that the driver is permitted. If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, try turning the key in the ignition to see if it will start (or at least make some other kind of noise). If not, your immobilizer system might be having a problem.

Why Won’t My Car Start but Just a Click?

Several factors can cause an automobile to click but not start. That there is a problem with the ignition switch is one possibility. If this is the case, it must be changed for the vehicle to start correctly.

The starter motor may also be a source of trouble. When you turn the key in the ignition, this part aids in starting the engine. It won’t be able to start up at all if there is a problem with this – just click.

Another issue is that the battery may be malfunctioning. In this situation, replacing it might be able to fix the issue with my car’s refusal to start but constant clicking of the starter.

Other issues can develop as a result of a faulty battery. For instance, if one of the battery’s cells is dead, starting your car can result in a single click rather than the motor turning over. It will be necessary to replace both components in order for them to function correctly once more and prevent future problems.

A car may also fail to start but only click when the engine is turned on. If this part has any issues, they must be fixed in order for your car to function properly once more – just click.

The final option can be brought on by bad wiring or another electrical component problem. If these items are changed, the issue with my car not starting but clicking when it tries to move should be resolved.

In conclusion, we can conclude that a few factors, such as a weak battery, ignition switch issues, and starter issues, account for the majority of the time that your automobile won’t start. As a result, you can always identify this issue by looking at the aforementioned auto parts.

Often Asked Questions on Car Won’t Start No Noise

Q) How can you identify whether the problem is with your battery or starter?

A: Is there a clicking sound when you try to start the car, but it won’t start? That might be a positive indicator. A dead battery is probably the problem if a jump starts the car but it won’t start once it is turned off.

Q) Can the lights be on with a dead battery?

A: Yes, a battery can be dead and the lights can still function. Whatever battery capacity is still available, the automobile will use it to power the lights and other electrical systems. The automobile won’t start if the battery is entirely dead.

Q) What noise does a dead starter make?

A: A dead starter won’t likely make any noise because the solenoid can’t produce a spark. Starting the automobile is the simplest way to check this; if it doesn’t start, the starter is probably damaged.

Q) Will a poor starter fail to connect?

A: Because it is unable to correctly build compression and ignite the engine’s fuel, a damaged starter won’t click.

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